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01 November 2019


Specialized Wholesale Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Accessories “Galychyna Shoes Expo”

Specialized wholesale exhibition of footwear, leather and accessories “Galychyna Shoes Expo” will open soon in Lviv. From December 3 to December 5, the leaders in footwear manufacturing and import will show off their new collections. Specialized wholesale exhibition of shoes "Galychyna Shoes Expo" has long become a significant event in the life of Lviv. The effect of the Galychyna Shoes Expo turned out to be so steep and effective that even the organizers themselves did not expect such rapid development. Since the exhibition is being held in Western Ukraine, the number of shoes produced by Ukrainian manufacturers on the shelves of regional stores has increased, compared to imports, from 30 to 60 percent. Although the ordinary buyer often does not understand whether it is Ukrainian or imported. High standards of quality offset the difference between countries of origin, and this testifies to the high competitiveness of Ukrainian shoe factories.

Galychyna Shoes Expo will be held on December 3-5, 2019.



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