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Where you can go in Lviv
  1. Lviv has more than 100 churches and over 20 confessions represented.

  2. The city has concentrated the largest number of museums in our country. It has about 60 museums of different agesRenaissance, Baroque and Classicism. Moreover, there is a museum of the famous to the whole world sculptor Johann Pinzel, whose works had been exhibited in Louvre in 2013.

  3. In 1998, the city had been included into the list of the World Cultural Heritage UNESCO because of the biggest number of intact historical and architectural monuments in Ukraine (over 55%).

  4. Lviv has the only monument in Ukraine to Pablo Picasso and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.

  5. Lviv surprises its guests and residents by the unique sculpturesthe monument to the Smile, Chimneysweep and Backpack.

  6. In Lviv, you can visit every year more than 100 cultural, religious, gastronomic and music festivals, among them are jazz, classical music festival, Coffee, Pampukh and Chocolate Days.

  7. The city during its existence was the part of the eight different countries. They were at different times: the Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland, Russia, was the object of Nazis occupation, the West Ukrainian People’s Republic, the Soviet Union and independent Ukraine.

  8. Lviv is rightfully considered to be the city of inventions. It is the city of Lviv where first railway tracks on the territory of Ukraine had been laid, first hotel had been opened and first Ukrainian school and professional theatre had been found. And there is even more to come. Few people realize that Lviv is the city where the first kerosene lamp in the world had been invented, the first air balloon had been launched, several numbers of the first Ukrainian newspaperKurier Lwowski») had been printed, the first Ukrainian monument had been put up and the first Ukrainian book «Apostol» had been printed by Ivan Fedorov.

Convenient location of the ADVENUS hotel provides our guests fast and comfort transport connection with the most popular places in Lviv and main transportation points.

Distance from the hotel to the railway station is 5.2 km, to the airport — 1.6 km and to the center of the city — 6.3 km.

Near the hotel you can find public transportation stops from where you can get to different places of the city.


The hotel is located on the territory of the largest in Western Ukraine shopping and entertainment center which offers a wide variety of services.


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