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31 December 2020

Mozart BirthDay. Три Моцарти

It is in January that the world-famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart celebrates his birthday!

The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is in the present day for the whole world!


All at once


The Lviv National Philharmonic presented a series of concerts dedicated to the music of the classical musician!


Another project is the author's project of the Academic Chamber Orchestra “Virtuosi Lvov” - “Three Mozarti”. Svyatkovy concert for the participation of the collective and the soloists in the entirety is formed from the creatures of the three Mozarts: Batka - Leopold, who is a wonderful musician, composer that, without a doubt, an excellent manager, Sina - Wolfgang Amadeus, one of the most popular composers Lviv Mozart, even more part of him is alive and creating in the whole world!


"Miserere mei, Deus" by the Italian composer and priest Gregorio Allegri see Svyatkov's podiat! The legendary history of the life of little Mozart is tied with the same cheese.


For the last hour, the score of the masterpiece is “classified” and is not available to the public, the Oscillation The Vatican has taken one of its manuscripts and saved the secret of the masterpiece in the book. The copy of "Miserere" will be protected from the threat of imprisonment from the Church. Before the score, there was only access to music, but they were once shown at the rik in the Sikstinsky Chapel.


Access to the wider public was given to the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who had seen the Vatican in 1770. The 14th Mozart, who felt the vison of "Miserere", had completely forgotten it by ear and precisely recorded it from the memory, in such a rite he opened the illegal copy.

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