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The new sports and wellness center has been supplied with the modern highest quality equipment, professional lighting and covering, meeting international standards. “Gratsia” annually hosts international competitions and championships of Ukraine among children and young people. Immediate proximity to the hotel helps participants to spend less time to get to the complex and effectively relax or train.

The modern sports arena and school for future champions annually holds the highest level modern rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing competition, Ukrainian volleyball championship. Professional coachers are extremely serious about the training of young generation. We offer classes of rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom and sport dancing, acting classes, pop singing and dancing classes and masterclasses from famous choreographers for children and young people. We will also help to make choreography of the first wedding dance.

We have separate rooms on the territory of our complex for:

  • choreography

  • aerobics

  • yoga

  • dancing

  • vocals.


During the time when children have sports classes, their parents can profit to their health and visit specialized sports clubs or spend their time at a cozy sports cafe “Gratsia”.


The complex also includes the original women’s martial arts school “Asharda”, providing training to achieve harmony of body, mind and soul. Classes are held in direction of curative, folk and arts, sports and battle courses.


Dancing club “Edelweiss” offers group and individual classes in different directions:

  • ballroom dancing (European and Latin American programs)

  • Eastern dancing (belly dance) and modern direction Tribal!

  • Modern dancing (hip-hop, tectonics, electric-boogie, disco).


Our choreographers will also help to make choreography of the wedding dance — choose corresponding dance geometry, help choosing composition and thinking over the details according to the couple character and temper.

Convenient location of the ADVENUS hotel provides our guests fast and comfort transport connection with the most popular places in Lviv and main transportation points.

Distance from the hotel to the railway station is 5.2 km, to the airport — 1.6 km and to the center of the city — 6.3 km.

Near the hotel you can find public transportation stops from where you can get to different places of the city.


The hotel is located on the territory of the largest in Western Ukraine shopping and entertainment center which offers a wide variety of services.


Lviv, Schiretskaya, st. 36      tel.: +38 (068) - 68 - 7 - 59 - 59
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