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30 September 2020

Форум для бізнесменів Ukrainian Business Marathon

The Ukrainian Business Marathon will be held in Lviv for the fourth time. The Forum will be visited by top experts in the business industry.

The Ukrainian Business Marathon will be held in Lviv for the fourth time. The Forum will be visited by top experts in the business industry.


"This is a business event of a new format, which will allow business owners, entrepreneurs, top managers, investors, startups and other participants to adopt the centuries-old experience of leading experts in the business field and improve their business," the organizers added.


This is the biggest business event of the year Ukrainian Business Marathon 2020!


🚩 16 experts


🚩 1200 participants


🚩 100+ event partners with gifts and bonuses for participants


🚩 A unique business game


🚩 Post-event party for closer networking


🚩 2 days of super powerful atmosphere and motivation


The program consists of six sectors:


- Psychology;


- Team.


- Product.


- Marketing.


- Sales.


- Brand and PR.


A unique element of the marathon is a business game! During it, participants will be able to practice their business skills, improve them and receive valuable prizes.


Your business - Your reflection💫


The slogan UBM2020 has become extremely relevant in modern conditions.


Business is a part of the entrepreneur who created it, it is his pride and love. �Now it is very important to pay as much attention to it as possible - to look for new ways of development, to maintain the acquired status and to plan new achievements. Achievements that are sure to happen later


Around - a difficult time.

In order to keep the business - you need to work even harder.

We are ready for this. We look forward to challenges and adventures.

We are preparing to adapt and create proposals that reflect the needs of our customers (present and future) right now.

We are changing. We work and learn.


Invest in yourself - relevant and timely.


When: October 17-18. Start - at 08.30.


Where: Arena Lviv Stadium.


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