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02 April 2021

Цирк на воді Waterland. Таємниці

This is a wonderful waterfall of emotions, in which you will plunge headlong!

Taumnitsi Atlantis

There is a tremendous waterfall of emots_y, in which V you zanurite yourself with your head! Folding, even not without a number of original genres. Designer, yaskravі costumes. Creative decision of the director. A fabulous show for all the motherland!

Nice possession, 24 meters of fountains, a swimming pool, which is filled with 170 tons of water. Light and sound effects, LED screens. The show is equipped with the latest technical innovations.

The stage-transformer is unique in its kind, where it flies on the surface of the water and turns up a thousand fountains, how to turn up. Throwing over an hour of the show on a tony kazkovo board, rustling the artists themselves and looking at the divine atmosphere, charming the spirit, both children and grown-ups.

Here you will be able to create charming mermaids and cheer your heart with your unforgettable use from the dome in the arena. I have trained them with my unique tricks, and with an embellishment of programs, I will become a sealskin. Zirki, wіddbivayutsya in the water, let us show you a marvelous history of kohannya in the sky and the earth!

And not all at all! Aqua ballet and laser show

Come, enjoy and marvel! Show "Waterland" check for you!

"WATERLAND" - good luck! Present the children with a Kazka!

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