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Dig yourself into the wonderful atmosphere of a real ship! We offer a wide variety of sea-food and European dishes, Ukrainian appetizers, desserts and drinks to fit every taste and satisfy the most demanding gourmand. For vivid impression seekers we offer our ropes course for adults and extreme-room for kids.

If you want to spend your leisure time creatively, you should visit our ship restaurant «Fortuna». Our place is a huge ship with decks, holds and ship cabins. Feel the spirit of real adventures with your family and friends.


Simple breakfast, lunch or dinner will turn into a comfortable get-together in a pleasant company. Our service and delicious food will help to create the right mood and enjoy your rest.


Visitors can choose dishes from adult’s and children’s menu. Sea food specialties, European dainty dishes, Ukrainian appetizers, fine desserts, drinks to suit different tastes — our cuisine will surprise the most demanding visitor.


We offer not only having a good meal, but also a precious time for both adults and children. Everyone can feel themselves as a member of a crew in the extreme room. Safety of little ship-boys will be provided by qualified personnel. Ropes courses and barriers will turn an ordinary day into the sea voyage!



There is a rope park on the territory of the restaurant — it is the best extreme leisure for adventure travelers and vivid impression fans. The attraction has two routes of different complexity, for which reason everyone can choose the best option agreeably to their level of preparedness. Secure safeguarding, detailed explanation and professional instructors will provide proper passage at all levels and excellent memories of visiting our place!

Convenient location of the ADVENUS hotel provides our guests fast and comfort transport connection with the most popular places in Lviv and main transportation points.

Distance from the hotel to the railway station is 5.2 km, to the airport — 1.6 km and to the center of the city — 6.3 km.

Near the hotel you can find public transportation stops from where you can get to different places of the city.


The hotel is located on the territory of the largest in Western Ukraine shopping and entertainment center which offers a wide variety of services.


Lviv, Schiretskaya, st. 36      tel.: +38 (068) - 68 - 7 - 59 - 59
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